Artificial Intelligence PCB Manufacturing and Assembly

Due to high complexity of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm, the PCB circuit design of AI products generally involves high requirements of manufacturing, such as multilayers, HDI, impedance etc. Going with the boom of artificial intelligence industry in recent years, there are few manufacturers that can do board fabrication and assembly job very well. In this way, you have to find a reliable and experienced supplier to do this tough job.

artificial intelligence pcb

NOD Electronics has full understanding of AI printed circuit board designs and engineering process requirements, and actually managed a lot of cases in this field. Advanced facilities, refined SOP work flows and sophisticated team will ensure your AI boards production under high quality and quick delivery. Our PEs will do DFM checks on your layouts and analyze the possibilities of high pass rate during manufacturing and assembly processes. What's more, we can offer you services of IC programming, in-circuit tests, box build and burn in tests.

Manufacturing Capabilities of Artificial Intelligence PCB

Min. Line Width/Space0.05/0.05mm
Key Line/Tolerance0.065/15%
Min. Blind Hole Diameter0.10mm
Blind Hole Loading Pad Size0.23mm
PTH & Blind Hole Size0.20mm
PTH PAD Size0.35mm
Blind Hole thickness/Diameter Ratio1:01
HDI Orders3+N+3
Min. Thickness of 8 Layers PCB0.8mm
Min. Pad Side Window0.038mm
Min. Ink Bridge0.065mm
Min. CSP/BGA Space/
Impedance Tolerance±5%
Surface FinishENIG/OSP/HASL/Immersion Ag/Immersion Tin
SMT Assembly7 SMT assembly lines
3 through hole lines
4 box build lines
down to 01005 chips, 0.25mm BGA
X-ray & AOI inspections

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