HASL Circuit Board

The lead-free PCB board is produced using a lead-free alloy consisting of 99.3% tin and 0.6% copper with a trace of nickel SN100CL. This lead free PCB material meets all legislation requirements for the European Union’s RoHS directive.

Laminate : CEM-1
Type : Carbon Ink
Layers : Double-sided
Application : Communication
Surface Finish : HASL
Copper Thickness : 1oz
Laminate Thickness : 1.2mm

HASL Circuit Board

NOD Electronics has lead the PCB industry for over 25 years, providing some of the most innovative printed circuit board technologies and highest quality standards found in the industry today.  You can count on us to cater to your specific needs, from the simplest boards to the most complex designs for small quantity and large scale production.

Our Capabilities of Circuit Board Manufacturing

Through HoleHDIFlexible PCB
Max. Layers20Min. Line Width/Space0.05/0.05mmMax. Plate Size2000*240mm
Max. Plate Thickness8.0mmKey Line/Tolerance0.065/15%Max. Layers10
Min. Plate Thickness0.4mmMin. Blind Hole Diameter0.10mmMin. Line Width/Space (1/4OZ)0.04mm
Max. thickness/Diameter Ratio14:01Blind Hole Loading Pad Size0.23mmMin. Line Width/Space (1/3OZ)0.05mm
Max. Copper Thickness4OZPTH & Blind Hole Size0.20mmMin. Line Width/Space (1/2OZ)0.055mm
Max. Plate Size2000x610mmPTH PAD Size0.35mmMin. Through Hole0.15mm
Min. Thickness of 4 Layers PCB0.33mmBlind Hole thickness/Diameter Ratio1:01Min. Hole Pad0.25mm
Min. Mechanical Hole/Pad0.15/0.35mmHDI Orders3+N+3Min. Laser Hole0.10mm
Drilling Precision+/-0.025mmMin. Thickness of 8 Layers PCB0.8mmMin. Laser Hole Pad0.25mm
PTH Hole Tolerance+/-0.03mmMin. Pad Side Window0.038mmCover Film Alignment Tolerance0.15mm
Min. Line Width/Space0.065/0.065mmMin. Ink Bridge0.065mmShape Tolerance0.05mm

Min. CSP/BGA Space/Min. Slot Width0.60mm

Impedance Tolerance±5%Pitch Tolerance±0.05mm

Rigid Flex (YES/NO)Yes

Air Gap (Yes/No)Yes
Surface Finish: ENIG/OSP/ HASL/ Au Plating (soft/hard)/ Immersion Ag/ Immersion Tin/ Bright Tin Plating/Ag Plating/ Carbon Ink

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