BGA Rework

PCB Printed Circuit Board Repair Services

PCB repair and BGA rework are very hard and challenging job for the inexperienced supplier, they may often damage your most valuable PCB prototype as to completely damage your engineering and NPI plan. We offer you high quality and reliable 20 hours Quick-Turn BGA rework services.Our services cover: BGA reballing/rework, BGA repairing, SMD rework, SMT rework, CSP rework, PCB repair.

 BGA Rework

Our shortest lead time for BGA Rework is in 24 hours. In Bay Area, we have well qualified technician with most knowledgeable and extensive expertise, by utilizing various PCB rework techniques, methods and processes in printed circuit board repair and BGA replacement, reballing, trace repair and wire additions. Our outstanding rework quality and extremely quick turn-around services have been well appreciated by our customers, especially the top ranking CPU and networking OEM PCBA companies.

We can cost effectively and quickly reball a single BGA or at volume. We are also capable of reworking precision complex components such as shown below

BGA Rework Services

  • Any type of land grid array package and/or socket, including PBGA, CBGA, CCGA, High I/O FCBGA, IBM Hyper-BGA, m-SMD, LGA, etc.

  • CSP rework

  • Removal and placement

BGA Reballing Services

  • Eutectic-ball BGA

  • High-temp-ball CBGA

  • Lead-Free-ball BGA.

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