Contract Electronic Manufacturing

Fully focusing on contract electronic manufacturing services, NOD Electronics offers high quality printed circuit board fabrication, assembly and box building options to current global customers. We have two manufacturing plants to expand capabilities and continuously optimize our internal SOP workflows to ensure quality commitments. Right now, choose NOD Electronics and stay without any hassle.


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Advantages of Our Contract Electronic Manufacturing

1/ 6 advanced automatic production lines, 5,000 square meters plant with soldering capabilities of 4,000,000 chips daily and in compliance with a variety of assembly demands.
2/ Responsive team with sense of fixing any potential problem.
3/ Refined process control of custom circuit board manufacturing.

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Capabilities of Contract Electronic Manufacturing

We are one of the few PCB manufacturers that are able to make PCB without any outsourcing process. All of our boards are made in one of our three China based facilities with a broad range of advanced capabilities for high reliability, precision, and powerful PCB performance for critical applications. View our expanded capabilities and certifications.

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How We Ensure the Quality of Contract Electronic Manufacturing?

1/ Team of Incoming Material Quality Control (IQC), In-Process Quality Control (IPQC), Outgoing Quality Assurance (OQA) inspect through manufacturing process
2/ Pre-check of defective products by experimental, simulation, data analysis and QC methods
3/ Choose A+ level and original materials and invest advanced facilities
4/ On basis of higher level than ISO9001:2008 and IPC-A-610E standards

Lead Time of Contract Electronic Manufacturing

The lead time will be determined by options of PCBA manufacturing. Quick turn prototype will be managed by our responsive team in terms of whatever volume. For example, the table shows typical lead time of 1,000 pcs order (total 18 days if for all options selected)

Option of Electronic Manufacturing

Lead Time


1 day

PCB Manufacturing

3-5 days

Components Procurement

7 days

SMT Assembly

1-3 days


1 day


2 days

Box Building

3 days

Burn In Test

3 days

Cost of Contract Electronic Manufacturing

In general, prototype phase will be ahead, during which the engineering cost should be charged (now we offer discount of 50% for first prototype order). The total costs are determined by volume, manufacturing complexity and bill of materials. You can send PCB gerbers, BOM and other electronic manufacturing options to get instant quote as little as 24 hours.

To fulfill your time-to-market is our mission during the course of contract electronic manufacturing. We will make you stay without any hassle since you pass the manufacturing order to NOD Electronics. Value-added manufacturing services will impress you.

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