PCB Assembly Workflow

We have a strict and refined management of PCB assembly workflow, which enables your products in good quality delivery.

pcb assembly workflow

1. Documents requested

We ask for detailed documents for PCB and assembly manufacturing including PCB gerber files (full layouts), BOM list (100% accurate including materials number, package and brands) and product sample.

2. Feasibility assessment

We will check all above documents in correction and clear acknowledge, materials available and engineering process to make sure the products can be produced effectively.

3. Materials purchase

According to BOM list, we will make purchase order of materials to factory or local general agent, so as to ensure branding quality.

4. Sample production

Generally we can make the sample in 3-7 days and then pass them for customer confirmation.

5. Sample confirmation

Customer checks if the sample works right. If yes, we can move to volume production; If not, customer raises any additional requirement of amendation.

6. Volume production

Manufacturing starts here including SMT, THT, AOI, ICT, burning program, cleaning ect according to all project requirements.

7. Check/Burn-in test

We perform the burn-in test to guarantee reliability through putting every product into strict test environment.

8. Package/Delivery

We accomplish the package according to default method or customer requirements, which will be delivered to designated postal address.


NOD Electronics effectively perform the PCB assembly workflow (PCBA workflow) to control the quality throughout initial documents, analysis, incoming materials, sample production monitoring, burn-in test and package.

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