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NOD Electronics can help you to transit concept or brain image into product as long as you send us PCB design requirements. We can offer PCB design and layout services. In order to shorten your timeline, we comply with strict standards to handle PCB design phases, such as from requirement draft, alpha & beta review to volume production. In this case, your PCB design tasks go smoothly under our project management team.

Nowadays, engineers usually use Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software to complete PCB design. Although there are functional softwares such as Protel, Power PCB which can directly convert schematic diagram to layouts and call components in standard dimension from CAD library, we should analyze and adjust timely according to different assembly density, engineering, equipments and special components.

pcb design

In many cases of startup companies, the design for manufacturability (DFM) was usually ignored or not emphasized, which caused a lot of defects and project delay during PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly phases, because EMS supplier could not resolve problem due to original PCB design.


DFM is the most effective method of ensuring PCB design quality, which matches the project requirements and global abilities of electronics manufacturing to lower down the cost, enhance volume production and expedite time-to-market. DFM starts product design phase, focusing on manufacturability and test plan, creating a close connection with design and manufacturing and realizing an one-time success from design to manufacturing. DFM is featured in short development period, low cost, high quality and popular with current enterprises.


After PCB design, then we can go next stage: PCB manufacturing or see more our services.

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