Incoming Quality Control (IQC)

A job of controling suppliers, verifying all incoming materials and handling quality problems before subsequent SMT assembly begins. Specific tasks of IQC include:

  • Check approved vendor list carefully;

  • Evaluate vendor quality control process fully;

  • Operate sample and inspection job of incoming materials;

  • Inspect quality control and remind engineer of any deviations;

  • Enhance IQC process continuously.


Incoming materials management is huge important for our quality control, because defected material will lead to hugh risk of pcb assembly. Once defects happen, electronic manufacturing services supplier would cost more. NOD Electronics fully focus on the importance of this IQC position.



Inspection is the usual way of reaching standardisation, uniformity and workmanship quality. It is the art of ensuring the product quality after comparison with the established standards and specifications. It is the functionality of quality control. If the said item does not comply with the standard of acceptability, it will be rejected. Subsequently, corrective methods will be applied to see that the items conform to designated standards. Inspection is a necessary tool of manufacturing process. It helps to control quality, cuts down manufacturing costs, eliminate scrap losses and assignable causes of defective work.


Objectives of Inspection

  • To gather information in terms of the performance of the product with established standards for the use of engineering production, purchasing and quality control etc.

  • To pick poor quality of product and thus to maintain standards.

  • To set up and increase the reputation by protecting customers from receiving poor quality products.

  • Detect source of weakness and failure in the finished products and thus check the work of designer.


Purpose of Inspection

  • To distinguish good lots from bad lots

  • To distinguish good pieces from bad pieces.

  • To determine if the process is changing.

  • To determine if the process is approaching the specification limits.

  • To rate quality of product.

  • To rate accuracy of inspectors.

  • To measure the precision of the measuring instrument.

  • To secure products – design information.

  • To measure process capability.


Stages of Inspection

  • Inspection of incoming material

  • Inspection of production process

  • Inspection of finished goods.


Our IQC position will check following issues of incoming materials if they comply with our strict requirements.

  • model number and quantities according to BOM list

  • shape (deformation, broken pin, oxidation etc), particularly for IC or other complex components

  • sample test of incoming materials by tools such as test frame, multimeter etc.

  • If above defect or discrepancy occurs, we will return full incoming materials to supplier or customer.

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