Electronic Contract Manufacturing

With trend of complicated design, many electronics manufacturers have to cooperate with professional supplier to realize the whole manufacturing process, due to their own lack of technology and equipment. In this case, electronic contract manufacturing springs up, which includes services of PCB manufacturing, component procurement, SMT assembly, THT soldering, programming, ICT/FCT/Burn In Test, box building, outgoing quality control and logistics. NOD Electronics strives to serve you with our sophisticated experiences and advanced technology, making whole process shorter, more reliable and convenient.

Electronic Contract Manufacturing

Capabilities of Electronic Contract Manufacturing

PCB Manufacturing (up to 12 layers, HDI, blind & buried vias avaliable, spacing and line width down to 3.5 mil)

SMT Assembly (4 lines, down to 0201 package, 0.25mm BGA, PQFP, PLCC, SOP, SOJ avaliable)

Through Hole Soldering (2 lines, 95% skillful workers)

ICT (custom fixtures, supporting massive test points)

Programming and Function Test (professional enviornment, temperature/humidity, drop and pressure test)

Burn In Test

Box Building (2 lines)

Quality Controls (incoming material quality control, in-process quality control, outgoing quality control and in compliace with ISO9001:2008 and IPC-A-610E)

Lead Time of Electronic Contract Manufacturing

Generally 15 days are enough, in premise that components are common and there are no special engineering process requirements of PCB manufacturing.

PCB Manufacturing: 3-7 days

Component Procurement: 7 days (in parallel)

SMT Assembly: 3 days

THT: 2 days

PCBA Test: 1 day

Package and Logistics: 1 day

The total prices depend on PCB manufacturing (layers, thickness of copper and laminate, dimension), component costs on basis of bill of materials, SMT assembly, THT and test plan.

NOD Electronics' Electronic Contract Manufacturing Services

We fully take your time-to-market and perspectives of reliable manufacturing. Our engineering team have abilities of offering one-stop contract manufacturing services. You will stay comfortable since the order is built in our system.

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