Electronics Manufacturing

Thoroughly functional electronics are made on basis of design prototypes after a series of engineering process including printed circuit board manufacturing, SMT assembly, DIP, PCBA test, mold manufacturing, box build and factory outgoing inspection, which is so called as electronic manufacturing, consisting of basic parts and assembly phases. NOD Electronics has been striving to offer one-stop manufacturing solutions for international medium-large business during past decade.

electronics manufacturing

Core Advantages of Our Electronics Manufacturing

  • Sophisticated for 7 years

  • Top customer

  • One-stop services including electronics manufacturing, inspection, burn in test and package

  • Competitive prices due to large-scale procurement

  • Comply with ISO and IPC management system and pass rate is over 99.8%

Capabilities of Our Electronics Manufacturing

  • Multi-layer, HDI, blind & buried via, FPC are available

  • Down to 0201 chips, 0.25mm BGA assembly

  • Professional testing environment and ICT, FCT, drop test and temp./humidity test are available

  • Box build lines with experienced staff

Electronics Manufacturing involves long supply chains and requires high level management of vendors. NOD Electronics has been skillful during past decade while serving international customers and is now striving to be your reliable business partner.

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