PCB Assembly Cost

PCB assembly cost stands for a range of costs through printed circuit board assembly managed by an electronic manufacturing vendor. Product design companies tend to outsource a reliable PCB assembly manufacturer due to lack of self-manufacturing capabilities and soldering technology. At NOD Electronics, we can issue a very competitive cost list as long as you provide Bill of Materials (BOM) to us. We will determine assembly costs depending on engineering process, quantities, board shape and dimension, components and complexity.

PCB assembly cost

PCB Assembly Cost Estimator

PCB assembly cost has its standard formula, which occurs during process of PCB manufacturing, issuing engineering documents, soldering components onto bare PCBs, PCBA test (test time) and relevant logistics. Regarding prototype order, probably engineering cost of PCB manufacturing and assembly would be charged.

Typical PCB Assembly Cost Estimator

Costs = PCB Manufacturing + Flying Probe (or Test Frame) Charges + PCB Engineering Cost (only for prototype order) + Dissipation Cost + SMT Assembly Cost + PCBA Test Charges + Logisitics

* PCB Engineering Cost (only for prototype order)

* PCBA Test Charges (ICT, FCT, Burn in Test)

How to Reduce PCB Assembly Costs?

Electronics designer should take Design For Manufacturability (DFM) into consideration, which would highly determin total costs. Do cost-effective design, select cheap equivalent components, place reasonable circuits layout, think about SMT/THT soldering process and then go! At same time, designer should analyze market positioning to decide what kind of laminte, PCB dimension, component and DFM to use. It is a tough and comprehensive job.

NOD Electronics has great advantages of component procurement due to robust relationship with upstream gaint component manufacturer. In this way, customer PCB assembly cost could be highly reduced. We invested millions of dollars to set up advanced lines, in order to guarantee PCB assembly quality. Importantly, our engineers can raise proposals of engineering process and request of design modification to save cost.

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