We are factory of PCB Fab + Assembly.

Only focus on electronic manufacturing services, including PCB fabrication, components procurement, assembly, function test etc.

Advanced & professional facilities make you comfortable.

No worries. Look at our factory in advance before a visit. 4 high speed assembly lines can produce 50,000 boards per day.

Ready for receiving PCBs like an art.

Fully focus on 107 manufacturing procedures and comply with strict IPC standards.

Get frequent surprises.

Why we are unique: we continuously let you feel our value-added services.

Услуги электронного производства

Мы стремимся быть вашим надежным поставщиком услуги электронного производства.

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NOD Электроника

Адрес: 3 / F, блок 3, # 20-8 западная дорога Хуань Си, город Дон Пу , район Тянь Хэ, Гуанчжоу 510660, Китай


Эл. адрес: sales@nod-pcba.com

Телефон: +86-020-82515913