Electronic Components Abbreviations

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Here is a list of Electronic Component name abbreviations widely used in the electronics industry:

AE: aerial, antenna

B: battery

BR: bridge rectifier

C: capacitor

CRT: cathode ray tube

D or CR: diode

F: fuse

GDT: gas discharge tube

IC: integrated circuit

J: wire link

JFET: junction gate field-effect transistor

L: inductor

LCD: Liquid crystal display

LDR: light dependent resistor

LED: light emitting diode

LS: speaker

Electronic Component

M: motor

MCB: circuit breaker



Mic: microphone

Ne: neon lamp

OP: Operational Amplifier

PCB: printed circuit board

PU: pickup

Q: transistor

R: resistor

RLA: RY: relay

SCR: silicon controlled rectifier

FET: field effect transistor

MOSFET: Metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor

TFT: thin film transistor(display)

VLSI: very large scale integration

Integrated Circuit (IC)

Integrated Circuit (IC)

DSP: digital signal processor

SW: switch

T: transformer

TH: thermistor

TP: test point

Tr: transistor

U:integrated circuit

V: valve (tube)

VC: variable capacitor

VFD: vacuum fluorescent display

VR: variable resistor

X: crystal, ceramic resonator

XMER: transformer

XTAL: crystal

Z: zener diode

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