What is BGA (Ball Grid Array) and Why BGA?

2016-10-11 14:02:24 Viya 32

BGA or Ball Grid Array is one type of packaging for Surface Mount Technology (where SMD electronic components are actually ‘mounted’ or affixed on the surface of the SMT printed circuit board). A BGA package has no leads or pins. The Ball Grid Array gets its name because it is basically an array of metal alloy balls arranged in a grid. These BGA Balls are normally Tin/Lead (Sn/Pb 63/37) or Tin/Lead/Silver (Sn/Pb/Ag).


BGA offer many advantages over SMDs or Surface Mount Devices:

The PCB or Printed Circuit Board in today’s electronic devices and gadgets densely populated with electronic components. The size of the Circuit Board will increase with increase in number of electronic components. In order to squeeze the size of the PCB, SMDs and BGA Packages are used because both SMDs and BGAs are smaller and slimmer in size and occupy very little space on the PCB. BGA components provide better solution for many circuit boards, but care is required when soldering BGA components to ensure that the BGA solder process is correct and is reliable.

BGA also offers following advantages:

  • Improved PCB design as a result of lower track density.

  • The BGA package is robust.

  • Lower thermal resistance.

  • Improved high speed performance and connectivity.


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