Conclusion of Six Sigma Quality and Manufacturing Costs of Electronics Products

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Accurate estimation of new product cost and quality is becoming very important for electronic enterprises. A good understanding of how cost and quality affect major decisions in material and process selection is needed to determine the manufacturing equipment, material flows, and manufacturing processes required to build the new product and compete globally for customers. Current levels of world-class performance has resulted in requiring that the new product cost and quality estimation process become very accurate, given the variability of products and companies making them. Accurate and flexible cost and quality estimation models are thus needed for electronic products and especially for printed circuit boards, since they represent the principal electronic product cost.

Electronics Products

In this chapter, several cost and quality models were developed to help in estimating the quality of design and manufacturing, calculating an accurate cost of the assembly of the product,and developing a test strategy for removing the defects generated in the design and manufacture of the product.

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