• The role of PCBA cleaning machine

    The PCBA cleaning machine can replace manual cleaning, which not only improves the efficiency, but also guarantees the cleaning quality....

    2018-04-09 20:39:10 viya 175

  • The causes and solutions of side and inversion 0201 resistors during the processing of SMT.

    ​The causes and solutions of side and inversion 0201 resistors during the processing of SMT....

    2018-03-30 19:35:34 viya 184

  • What are the main types of PCBA processing pollution?

    PCBA pollution would have a bad effect on reliability and stability of PCB. NOD Electronics always strictly controls the process of production and technique and gets rid of PCBA pollution immediately and completely to ensure the quality and reliability of products....

    2018-03-23 19:54:42 viya 170

  • What is an automatic soldering machine? Why do you choose an automatic soldering machine?

    The automatic soldering machine is an automated device. Its working principle is to use the robot's movement function to complete the soldering operation. Automatic soldering is divided into semi-automatic soldering machine and automatic soldering machine....

    2018-03-16 18:45:45 viya 189

  • Why do we need PCBA inspection?

    Improved the qualification rate of product means that the repair rate of product will be declined. Testing is a part of the entire process of PCBA, which is an important means of controlling product quality....

    2018-03-08 16:57:22 viya 177

  • There are Several Types of PCB Gerber Files?

    PCB Gerber files: divided into 3 types.1, provided to the PCB manufacturer's production documents: including the top, middle layer (according to the PCB layer), the bottom, the top silk screen, th...

    2018-01-04 16:41:47 viya 168

  • Commom Quality Issues of SMT Processing and Solutions

    Quality IssuesSolutions Gluing ProcessGluing wire/spillover Revise the gluing process parameters; Control the amount of gluing; Adjust the process parameters of SMT patch;Plugging of glue mouthEmpty g...

    2017-12-29 18:38:34 viya 193

  • Complex gates with CMOS

    As we have seen in earlier chapters we can implement many complex combinational functions by connecting together the basic gates NAND and NOR- However, the result is not an efficient use of transistors....

    2017-12-05 19:25:57 viya 122

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