What are the main types of PCBA processing pollution?

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PCBA pollution would have a bad effect on reliability and stability of PCB. NOD Electronics always strictly controls the process of production and technique and gets rid of PCBA pollution immediately and completely to ensure the quality and reliability of products.

The common PCBA pollution as below:

1. Pollution and oxidation of components and PCB will cause the surface pollution of PCB in PCBA assembly.

2.Residues contamination caused by flux in wielding process is the common type of PCBA processing pollution. What's more, handprint, chain claw and fixture also belong to processing pollution.

3. Pollution of common items such as plugging glue, high temperature tape and so on.

4. Adhered pollution of the dust, smoke, and small particles of organic matter in the workshop.

5. Adhered pollution caused by static electricity.

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