How long is the storage time for soldered PCB?

2018-05-24 19:31:06 viya 213


The soldered PCB has different storage duration (usually 2-10 years), according to the selection of material, processing technique and the environment.


1, the effect of material

Different substrate materials and different quality components have great influence on the storage life of PCBA. The higher the quality of PCB boards and components, the better the reliability, the stronger the ability to resist bad environment and the antioxidant capacity, the longer the storage life.


2, the influence of the technique

Different processing technique, such as soldered PCB boards with conformal coating, have longer storage life than those without conformal coating.


3, the impact of the environment

If the soldered PCB is in a wet, dust, high temperature and high pressure environment for a long time. It mustn't be kept longer than in a dry and dust-free environment.

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