When it comes to guarding against counterfeit components, it’s important to note that component counterfeiters are continually evolving and improving their techniques. The electronic industry has seen a significant increase in counterfeit components/IC’s and defective components being distributed as new and unused.

Counterfeit Component Inspection

Counterfeit components are not easily recognized. They may be low-cost parts with remarked or disguised part numbers that match a higher-priced military part; older parts salvaged from scrapped PC boards; or defective products discarded by reputable manufacturers and distributors. NTS can provide you with an independent third-party test program to detect and identify counterfeit components before filtering into the electronics supply-chain. Utilizing any or all of the above techniques, NTS has the staff, technology and resources to properly inspect for, detect, and identify counterfeit components and verify if a part has been altered or misidentified by inspecting and verifying the following characteristics:

  • Black-Top Detection

  • Country of Origin

  • Electrical Characterization

  • Examination of the Indents

  • Imperfections in the logo or markings

  • Incorrect Packaging

  • Marking Permanency

  • Solderability

  • Variance in Texture

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