PCB Layout Design Request and Principle

Engineers tend to pay most attention to circuits, the latest components, and code as important parts of an electronics project, but sometimes a critical component of electronics, the PCB layout, is neglected. Poor PCB layout can cause function and reliability problems.

PCB Layout Design Request:

1, Electronic parts should be parallelized or verticalized on the surface of board and motherboard. It distributed regularly on the top side and not allowed to overlay

2, The Marks and Types of the parts should be settled in the face of conversation.

3, Due to the limitative of top side size or the screen request, Circuit must be divided into serveral parts. Each printed board should be a functional circuit imdependently.

4,The adjustable parts layout should be considering about the request of whole circuit structure and reducing PCB jumper.

5,When the top side is smaller, panel and processing edge can be used.


General Principles for Printed Circuit Board Wiring

1.Power Line Design

According to the electricity of printed circuit board, fully overstriking the power line width, reducing cycle resistance, meanwhile the direction of power line and ground wire and record delivering should be the same, so as to increase anti-noise ability.

2.Ground Wire Design

1,Public ground wire should be set on the edge of board

2,Digital and simulant should be separated

3, Each ground wire of printed circuit board should be closed circuit, to ensure that the current level of each circuit is mainly in the current oop, to reduce the coupling between poles.

4, Large area ground wire should be hollowed out.


3.Signal Line Design

1,Low frequency wire near the printed board

2, High potential conductors and low potential conductors should be as far away as possible, the best wiring is to minimize the potential difference between adjacement wires

3, To avoid long distance parallel direction, wiring layout of printed circuit board should be short and strength.

4, Different characters of circuit conductors should be separated, so as its power supply system

5, To adopt suitable external form

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