Plated gold edge connectors

For edge-connectors we electroplate hard gold.  First the operator puts protective tape on the board above the connectors.  Then he mounts the panel on a horizontal electroplating bath.  Electroplated gold is needed for edge connectors on printed circuit boards which will require repeated insertion and removal. Electroless gold gives good solderability but is too soft to withstand repeated abrasion.  For this you require a hard electroplated gold. For edge connectors we electro-plate 1 – 1.5 microns of gold over 4 – 5 microns of plated nickel.  So if your PCB will be repeatedly inserted into a connector, you should specify hard gold plate on the edge connectors.


A few design rules are required for gold fingers / edge connectors.

  • No plated through holes are allowed in the plated area

  • No solder mask or silkscreening can be present in the plated area

  • For panelization, always place gold fingers facing outward from the panel center

  • Connect all gold fingers with a 0.008” conductor trace at the edge to allow for manufacturing

  • Features can be placed on one or both sides to a depth of 25mm from the outside edge

When the edge connectors have been plated we will remove the tape.

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