Electrical test

Here are some of the key terms that you need to know.

Net: An entire string of points or connections from the first source point to the last point including component lands and vias.

Net list: A list of alpha-numeric locations that are used to describe a group of two or more points that are electrically common.

Shorts Test: Check to make sure that NO current flows between separate nets by measuring the amount resistance between them.

Opens Test: Check to make sure there is current flow from one “node” to the next for every net on the board.

100% Net List Test: Check of every “node” on every net on the board.

Optimized Net List Test: Check every “end of net” for all nets on the board and selected intermediate nodes on the board.

At the end of the PCB fabrication process we electrically test every multilayer PCB against the original board data.  Using a flying probe tester we check each net to ensure that it is complete (no open circuits) and does not short to any other net.

Electrical test

The flying probe testers in our quality control department are easy to set up as they don’t need a test fixture but testing every net is slow.  A faster test method is the Acceler8.  This uses 4000 tiny probes like a brush.  It builds an electronic map of the PCB from a pre-tested good board.  Then it compares each board to be tested with its map.  This cuts test times by 90%.

For double sided boards electrical test is an option.

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