PCB Manufacturing Machine

Electrical Test

Mania Speedy flying probe bare board electrical tester, Pegasus flying probe bare board tester. Our comprehensive in-house software and engineering facilities enable us to prepare, manufacture and verify our own flying probe data sets.

Drilling and Routing

Multi-spindle Lenz drill/routers with full autoload / off-load capabilities and spindle speeds up to 125,000 rpm can drill holes down to 0.2mm. The autoload mechanism improves drilling efficiency and allows the drilling department to operate a flexible "lights out" drilling operation which requires no manning during night time hours.

Primary Imaging and Photo-Mech

OLEC Accuprint 5Kw AP30 6000 Titan Multi-channel Double Sided UV Exposure Unit, ORC 3Kw HW501B 5 Channel Double Sided UV Exposure Units, 
Dupont HRL24 Hot Roll Laminators,
Pin registration for photo-tool alignment.


Fully equipped CAM seats operating Visual CAM & UCAM software enable us to Design Rule Check and verify Gerber data before it is passed to our shop floor for manufacturing.

Gerber Crescent 40 plotter plots images with resolutions up to 8,000dpi and is linked directly to a Fuji FX550 film processor.

All our photo-tools are produced in a purpose built climate controlled environment and processed in a Fuji FX550 film processor.

Wet Process

Automatic auto-load & off-load horizontal Blackhole Direct Metallisation Line

Automatic auto-load & off load horizontal Dry Film Stripping line

Automatic auto-load & off-load horizontal Tin Strip Line

Our fully automated lines increase process efficiency and throughput whilst improving product quality and yield

Laboratory and In Process Verification

Extensively equipped process laboratory with in-house micro-sectioning capabilities

Oxford Instruments CM500 CMI gauges for in process verification of plated hole copper thickness

Fully automatic auto dosing equipment on horizontal process equipment

High specification Nickel Gold Analyser automatically controls NiAu process

Surface Finishing

Cemco Quicksilver Hot Air Solder Levellers for both Leaded and Lead Free solder finishes

In-house Immersion Nickel Gold line suited to fine pitch SMT PCB's where a truly flat finish is required

Our commitment to investment ensures that we can provide both RoHS and Non-RoHS compliant finishes.

PCB Roller Coater

The Union PCB Roller Coater is specifically designed and constructed to apply protective coatings

(Sealbrite) to the top surface of printed circuit boards. Several special features were incorporated into a Union Series #5, Model C, 26” Roller Coater to allow the machine to perform the critical application of an accurate and consistent coating. An infeed and offbearing conveyor permits the Roller Coater to be placed directly in a production line. The conveyor is powered by the same motor that powers the rolls, so line speeds are always maintained and synchronized. The machine is completely explosion-proof due to the makeup of the coating material and cleanup solvent.

75 DEGREE Feeding Machines

Union 75 Degree Feeders and Stackers are specifically designed to feed printed circuit board materials from a 75 degree vertical stack onto a horizontal conveyorized process, or stack the boards from a horizontal conveyorized process into a 75 degree vertical stack. By incorporating a rotating vacuum arm, both the feed and stack modes secure the pc boards through the cycle. A small section of powered urethane belts are positioned to allow the rotating arms to pass through the conveyor. In the stack mode, the rotating arms return underneath the belt conveyor, allowing the next panel to be transported by the belt conveyor before the rotating arms are in position under the conveyor. This allows for a faster cycle time and more production per hour, without an additional speed-up conveyor prior to the stacker. All motions are guided by support rails, producing a smooth and accurate motion. A 75 degree pc cart is included with either machine, or Union Tool can design the equipment using the customer's present cart. A small programmable controller allows the same machine to perform both modes, feed or stack. Versatility is the reason Union Tool is the leader in printed circuit board handling equipment.

PCB Turnover Model 

As the printed circuit board materials enter the turnover unit, a photocell signals an airactuated drive motor, which moves into position and powers the lower conveyor section, transporting the printed circuit board into the turnover unit. A photocell senses the trailing edge of the printed circuit board material, ensuring that the substrate is completely within the turnover conveyor section. After the trailing edge is sensed, the drive motor retracts from the lower conveyor, stopping the conveyor and engaging the turnover motor. The turnover then rotates 180 degrees in a left-to-right or barrel-type motion. A DC motor with electric clutch is used to power the turnover actuation. When the turnover has completed its rotation, the lower conveyor then becomes the upper conveyor, while the upper conveyor has become the lower conveyor. The drive motor again moves into position, powering the lower conveyor and transporting the printed circuit board out of the turnover unit, and is now ready to accept the next printed circuit board substrate. Stainless steel guides along the edge of the turnover device ensure that the printed circuit board moves no more than 1/4" in any direction.

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