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Reliable PCB manufacturer verified by ISO9001, UL, CE, RoHS and TS16949 and in compliance with quality commitment. Refined SOPs and process control ensure you stay comfortable without any hassle. We choose A+ grade copperplate to ensure stable performance (general FR-4) of PCB fabrication. During the manufacturing process, automatic copper plating lines and high-speed drilling machines (brand:TMAX) to make accuracy and fast delivery guaranteed. All printed circuit board will be detected by advanced automatic flying probe machines (or test frame ) at subsequent stages to make sure each PCB is OK from inner circuits to outside shape. With the initial stage of PCB design, timing is always very crucial. Our quick-turn for PCB assembly prototyping, ECO (Engineering change orders) and BGA reballing/rework services brings your lead time with the highest regard, no matter order volume (as little as one piece). Our 20 hours PCB sample express service has already been a life saver for huge many product design teams facing strict deadlines. Our engineer will follow strict and refined pcba workflow to perform the process of pcb manufacturing and pcb assembly. Our PCBA boards are widely served for customers of a variety of industries, such as automobile, medical & health, system card, and consumer electronics. Generally, we fulfill standards of ISO quality management and IPC-A-610E throughout phases of incoming materials, screen printing, smt, aoi, ipqc, dip and PCBA test. In general, your PCB prototype can be well served by us. Since we receive your product drafted solution, all subsequent process will be controlled by our strict PDCA management workflow. Our dedicated engineers will communicate timely with you and resolve any problem. Moreover, our global manufacturing capabilities can reduce your cost beyond expectations and without any hassle. We will be your best PCB manufacturer and PCB assembly partner.

  • Backplane PCB Manufacturing

    Backplane PCB Manufacturing

    NOD Electronics is a major supplier of backplane assemblies and custom PCBA solutions. We expertise in high-speed interconnection offers a full range of backplane/midplane assembly solutions, from concept to manufacturi

  • Copper Backing PCB Manufacturing

    Copper Backing PCB Manufacturing

    NOD Electronics offers thermal clad and metal printed circuit boards with a full selection of high performance or low cost materials from leading suppliers around the world.

  • Organic Coating PCB Manufacturing

    Organic Coating PCB Manufacturing

    Organic coating is a vanishingly thin protective coating, applied just to the bare copper, which disappears during the actual soldering process. Such protective coats are applied by roller coating or dipping in a dilute solution, taking care that the surface is clean.

  • Aluminum Series Laminate PCB Manufacturing

    Aluminum Series Laminate PCB Manufacturing

    Aluminum based PCBs are best suited to single side PCBs because of the impracticality of manufacturing plated through holes through the metal base material.

  • BGA Soldering PCB Manufacturing

    BGA Soldering PCB Manufacturing

    The Ball Grid Array or BGA, is a very different package to those using pins, such as the quad flat pack. The pins of the BGA package are arranged in a grid pattern and this gives rise to the name.

  • Low Resistance Carbon PCB Manufacturing

    Low Resistance Carbon PCB Manufacturing

    NOD Electronics, one of the best manufacturers and suppliers in China, now brings you high-tech low resistance carbon PCBA at competitive price from its professional factory.

  • Polyimide FPC PCB Manufacturing

    Polyimide FPC PCB Manufacturing

    NOD Electronics product all kinds of Flex PCB and Rigid flex PCB which are widely used in modern portable electronics and devices. Such as Cell phone, key board, LCD module, Disk cable and etc.

  • Thick Copper PCB Manufacturing

    Thick Copper PCB Manufacturing

    NOD Electronics is a highly skilled PCB manufacturer that can develop and produce a superior thick copper PCB product of the highest quality.

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