Advanced PCB Assembly

Best offer of PCB assembly services with refined IQC, IPQC, OQA and quality commitment. advanced facilities of 7 assembly lines and 4 box building lines ensure low-to-large volume production. Best offer of quality PCB assembly services at low-to-large volume, verified by ISO9001 and IPC-A-610E standards, including FR-4, flexible, rigid-flex, carbon ink, aluminum types. We are capable of controlled impedance, heavy copper, HDI, blind & buried vias. You will enjoy up to 50% discount of all PCB assembly prototype first order, because we can reduce costs by a good relationship with upstream component manufacturers, refined internal engineering process, advanced facilities and responsive team at high efficiency. Our incoming material control, in-process control, outgoing assurance will make PCB assembly quality at very high level, that's why we are working with global customers from a range of industries, including communication, medical, auto, aerospace, military, system controller, musical instruments etc.

  • Smoke detector PCB Assembly

    Smoke detector PCB Assembly

    Smoke alarm is a tool for warning of fire alarm. Smoke alarm is divided into two kinds, one is ion smoke alarm, and other is a photoelectric smoke alarm.

  • The hair ball trimmer PCB Assembly

    The hair ball trimmer PCB Assembly

    The hair ball trimmer, which is similar to the men's razor, mainly trims the hairballs on the clothes. And now, the head of the hair ball trimmer generally uses a stainless steel or an alloy head. Therefore, the head of this material is more sharp, more wear-resistant, and more handy when it is trimmed.

  • Power Bank PCB Assembly

    Power Bank PCB Assembly

    Power bank is actually a large capacity battery, which has storage capacity, stable voltage, and the function of charging digital products. When the charging power is available, it can make other digital products recharged with connecting the data line to the USB interface. It is convenient, fast, safe and portable and it can solve the problem of hard charging when going out.

  • Hidden driving recorder PCB Assembly

    Hidden driving recorder PCB Assembly

    The driving recorder can record the whole process of driving the vehicle, including video and sound. Its main role is to provide evidence for traffic accidents.

  • Garment Steamer PCB Assembly

    Garment Steamer PCB Assembly

    There are three types of Garment Steamer, Hand-held Garment Steamer, Pressure Type Garment Steamer, and General Garment Steamer.

  • Cleanser PCB Assembly

    Cleanser PCB Assembly

    The cleanser makes the fine fairs on the washing brush vibrate by using the principle of ultrasonic wave to get high efficiency and non irritating cleaning and massage. Long term use can improve the health of the skin. It can effectively remove pox, dark, freckles, improve skin relaxation, eye bags and dark circles.

  • Hair Curler PCB Assembly

    Hair Curler PCB Assembly

    There are kinds of hair curler. It can be divided into three categories (manual curler, semi-automatic curler and automatic curler) according to different methods of use. At present hair curler can not only crimp and straighten the hair, but also has the function of nourishing hair, anion and steam.

  • Smart electric toothbrush PCB Assembly

    Smart electric toothbrush PCB Assembly

    Smart electric toothbrush is used to clean oral cavity by high frequency vibration and rotation. It has a good effect on preventing gingivitis and gingival bleeding.

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