PCB Assembly Quality Control

At upstream stage, we choose branding raw materials including UniOhm, Fenghua, Samsung, Yageo resistor and capacitor, TI, NXP, CJ, Toshiba, Fairchild, ST, Qualcomm, Micron, Infineon IC. Quality and lead time can be ensured due to our good relationship with these brands general agent. In this way, purchase cost and risk would be reduced at some degree. 

pcb assembly

Regarding solder paste, we use famous brands Senju and Loctite. Best solder paste will highly ensure soldering reliability during manufacturing course. Automatic solder paste printing machines make welding spot in uniformity. The 01005 accuracy of high-speed Fuji surface mount machines enable good productivity. Reflow soldering of 10 oven temperatures enables best solution and freezing temperature of solder paste, so to enhance surface mount stability. 

Inspection equipments such as AOI will join to detect appearance of welding spot and ensure materials pasted by enough solder. What’s more, we can offer services of burning programming codes, in-circuit test, burn-in to reach high quality requirements. At delivery stage, we use anti-static electricity bubble bag and plastic bag outside to pack every printed circuit board, then place them into cartons. In this way, all PCBs are in perfect condition during air, ocean, vehicle transportation.

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