Express PCB Manufacturing and Assembly

Electronic product design companies take high pressure at stage of prototypes, due to the long time line of function verification. In general, PCB manufacturing and assembly take majority of time at prototype. So to integrate a supplier with express PCB manufacturing and assembly seem huge important. NOD Electronics fully strive to offer less than 5 days express PCB manufacturing and assembly services. We fulfill quick component purchase, PCB prototype and SMT assembly to make it a reality.

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Why We Can Manage Express PCB Manufacturing & Assembly?

  • 1/ We have long term cooperation with general agent of components, which could be bought quickly from agent’s stock. This process can be shortened to 2 days.

  • 2/ PCB manufacturing can be completed in 24 hours (through rush order) by our stable quality PCB factory.

  • 3/ Once components and PCBs are received, we can quickly put them on SMT lines, which would not take more than 5 hours.

  • 4/ Gathered PCBA boards will be passed to QC and ICT tests. This course generally take 5 hours.

  • 5/ Package will be done in 1 hour. And then we select air express delivery such as UPS saver, generally it takes 1-2 days to destination.

During the entire process of express PCB manufacturing and assembly, high surcharges will be involved if your order is placed to other PCBA manufacturer. But if you choose us, you can save up to 50% costs, because we won’t aim at profits of prototype orders, but for long term relationship and mass production. So, time and cost which you highly concern are also what we only think about.


Our Capabilities of Express PCB Manufacturing & Assembly

1/ Printed Circuit Board

– High copper thickness: up to 10 OZ

– Great laminate: A+ level FR-4

– Circuit spacing: down to 0.065 mm

– Drilling size: down to 0.025 mm

– Max. board dimension: 2000 * 610 mm

– Max. laminate thickness: up to 8 mm

2/ SMT Assembly

– High speed SMT mounting: Fuji CP8 series

– Precision: down to 0.25 mm BGA, 0201 chips

– Solder paste: big brand such as Loctite

– Reflow oven: 10 temperature zones for better soldering

– AOI: inspect shape of component on boards

– 4 SMT lines + 2 DIP lines + 1 Box Build line

3/ Box Build

– Function test (FCT) and ICT are available

– Flexible work force with training

– 100% strictly follow manual instructions

– International logistics

In order to expedite, we will send instant quote of your express PCB manufacturing & assembly request in 2 hours. Once you confirm it, everything will go as desired. Our refined and scientific manufacturing process control will ensure your prototype order in safety. Click here to get instant quote right now!

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