Backplane PCB Manufacturing

With years experiences of backplane PCB manufacturing, we can provide you with high quality PCBs since you assign the task to us. Our engineers will take your time-to-market and value your specific requirements to enhance quality and quick delivery. We have great capabilities of PCB manufacturing (monthly 35,000 square meters) to support a variety of order volume. Due to backplane PCB difference, we have sophisticated process control of making these PCBs. That’s why we can win marketplace in the firece competitions from global PCB manufacturers.

backplane pcb

Backplane PCB is professional product in PCB fabrication industry. Backplane PCB is thicker and heavier than common PCB, so subsequently with bigger thermal capacity. In terms of backplane PCB slow cooling rate, so we should configure longer reflow ovens and use air cooling equipment at the gate of reflow oven with purpose of lowing the temperature in operation safety. We trend to use passive components on backplane PCB in light of stability tranditionally. However, in order to control cost, active components such as BGA are designed to place on backplane PCB. Because of some special features, we make backplane PCB according to different technologies and customer designs. We expect to you top supplier of PCB manufacturing.

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