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With years experience in electronic manufacturing services (EMS) industry, NOD Electronics have great capabilities of burn in board manufacturing. We are featured as through-process of PCB manfacturing (without any sourcing process), sophisticated process control and well equipped facilities. Many big global customers select us not only for our handwares, but also our sincerity of cooperation, big resolution of fixing problems. All of these will make our customers stay in comfortable area without any hassle.

burn in board 

In terms of burn in board fabrication, it’s minor different with through hole printed circuit board, because it will be exposed under high temperature, humidity and other severe environments for long period. So we should choose high grade laminates and control the heat tolerance in compliance with requirements. In common sense, burn in board quality depends on laminate, manufacturing engineering and burn in base.


What’s Burn In Board?

Burn in Board is a printed circuit board which functions as a jig in the Burn-in process. The Burn-in Board is used as part of the ASIC reliability testing process during which components are stressed to detect failures. Burn in Boards consist of sockets to accommodate the tested ASICs and are designed to withstand the hot temperatures during tests.

Burn in Test

Burn in tests check the reliability of the ASIC device and are typically done at 125ºC, while electrical signals and power are applied to ASICs. Burn-in boards are inserted into the burn-in oven which supplies the necessary voltages to the samples while maintaining the oven temperature at 125ºC. After the stress testing the samples must be screened to ensure they passed the oven testing.


Burn in Board Materials

Burn in boards utilize high grade materials. For testing up to 125C a special version of FR4 is used (High Tg FR4). For higher temperatures up to 250C a Polyimide is used; and for very high temperatures up to 300C a High grade polyimide is used.


Burn in Board Design

In addition to the typical PCB design guidelines which are quite common among all PCB designers, there are a few additional factors for making a Burn in Board. One of the most important considerations is selecting the highest possible reliability and quality for the Burn in Board and the test socket. You don’t want your Burn in board to fail before the device under test. Therefore, all active/passive components and connectors should comply with high-temperature requirements, and all materials and components should meet high-temperature and aging requirements.


As a PCB manufacturer, we aim to find the most appropriate laminates, processing and burn in base after many times study of 5 categories and 22 types of burn in products. There are 4 laminate options perspectively used for high temperature burn in board, high temperature & humidity burn in board, programing board and test substrate. We are concentrated on each burn in board PCB manufacturing and try our best to delivery them in shortest lead time.

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