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We are specialized in the production of carbon ink printed circuit board approved by ISO9001 and ISO2001. Now we are the secondary supplier of Casio with huge production volume. We have sophisticated experiences of carbon ink PCB manufacturing processs control and offer carbon conductive ink PCB quick turn and sample. Striving to be a leading company in carbon ink PCB market, we constantly improve our internal management level and operation guides, enhance PCB manufacturing equipment and fully control quality. As a PCBA manufacturer and chieving a number of patents, we are now serving a variety of global customers.

carbon ink pcb 

Carbon Ink PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Smallest drill size of 0.1mm (~4mil)

  • 1 to 36 layers

  • Rigid (standard FR4), Flex, Aluminum backed.

  • FR4*, Rogers, Duriod, Polyimide, CEM1,3, etc.

  • PCB Fabrication thickness starting at 8mil for Rigid and 0.2mm for Flex.

  • 0.4 ounce to 4 ounce copper

  • Minimum Trace / Space of 3mil.

  • Finishes include; immersion Gold, Silver, Tin, Lead free HASL and OSP.

  • Board finish colors; Green, Blue, Black, Yellow, Red, White.

Graphite in carbon ink does not have moving features of silver, so it can take account for signal transmission media. Except adherence and warpage of graphite and laminate, carbon ink PCB manufacturing has no special requirements. Due to graphite’s good wear resistance, it is widely used to replace gold plating and subsequent jumper wire functions. The load current of carbon ink PCB is designed very low, so we commonly use 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm laminates. Carbon ink PCBs are widely applied in various calculators, remote controls and other equipment.

In terms of processing carbon ink PCB orders, production project manager will integrate the whole manufacturing courses, starting from PCB files analysis and reporting any problem during the process control. During the whole aspects of carbon ink PCB manufacturing, we set IPQC (In-Process Quality Control) on key station in avoidance of defective products being passed to next station. After decades development, we accumulated a lot of improvement solutions, which enable us competent for various carbon ink PCBA manufacturing. Now we have advanced and automatic carbon ink PCB equipment, so the carbon ink PCB fabrication capabilities and efficiency are highly enhanced and your PCB board assembly could be well performed.

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