Customer Focus Team (CFT)

In terms of the fast-moving and challenging market environment, your electronic manufacturing services (EMS) partner have to obtain sufficient facilities to fully support your business extension. We have well-structured an, knowledgeable and skillful team to fully support your business and enlarge your resources pool.


NOD Electronics’ Customer Focus Team knows how to effectively understand your expectations and implemented your overall production strategies. Through the CFT, customers have access to leverage our overall capabilities in manufacturing, production, engineering, logistics and quality process management across the entire global network.


A dedicated CFT will be operated for you in feeding your business, which includes Project Buyer, Project Engineer, Project Manager and Production Control staff as shown in the following chart: A dedicated CFT will be setup for you in supporting your business, which will includes Program Manager, Project Buyer, Project Engineer and Production Control staff as shown in the diagram below:

Major roles of the members of CFT are as shown below:

  • Project Manager: Your major gateway into NOD’s internal operations and is responsible for making you satisfied. PM thoroughly understands your full requirements and priorities. He will lead and optimize the all customer support operations to gurantee offering you with a responsive, timely delivery and quality services;

  • Project Engineer: Review customer’s design data and materials and define the MPI (manufacturing processing instructions). Resolve any technical troubles whenever possible and timely;

  • Project Buyer: Control customer materials supplies and consider how to make cost down and other options of parts sourcing;

  • Production Controller: Be responsible for timely manufacturing and on-time delivery.


Together, NOD’s CFT performs as your own production department and is completely flexible towards your every requirment.


Personalized Services

  • Once you have integrated with NOD Electronics, the assigned PM will lead the CFT to do collaborative jobs with you and draw supports from the entire NOD team to offer you as follows:

  • A walk-through of the overall quality process to make you satisfied;

  • Ensure thorough acknowledge of your logistical and technical needs of each of your work to build in;

  • Periodically and timely raise conversations with your design team as required to ensure key issues and info are timely shared;

  • Proactively address your business, engineering or production issues as soon as they happen;

  • Significant DFM and DFT reports to ensure transition optimized into high-low or medium production;

  • Suggestions as to how to best execute the subsequent phase of your product’s life cycle;

  • Assurance that NOD operations is as not secret to you as possible.


Let’s back to Customer Focus Center. If you are a startup company, you can also check our support program.

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