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In a startup company, time indicates survival. We at NOD Electronics fully realize the special and urgent demands of EMS (electronic manufacturing services). Our Startup Program is created to not only gurantee your timely delivery, but also your long-term prosperity.


Understanding Your Needs

Today’s technology startups run in an ever-changing global marketplace, where marketing timing and intellectual creativity are crucially important to ensure your products successfully launched. Any delay in the NPI process will lead fatal impacts for the success of the product launch. We expect to enhance your company’s survival and market value.


NOD Electronics’ NPI team has witnessed how many startup companies lose the right outlet to an EMS vendor, with sacrifice the R&D resources, which may include debugging the critical PCB assembly engineering prototype, running after delivery and materials outsourcing. At NOD Electronics, you can take a rest through our Startup Program. Because your needs will become our targets, and our cooperations go to whatever lengths necessary to ensure you key schedule on the track.


Involvement in Your Process

NOD Electronics’ Startup Program focus on close relationship with you during the entire NPI and prototyping phases. Through knowing we may thoroughly become your reliable EMS partner, allowing you to focus your resources on stage of product design. We know that your opportunity of survival depends on our responsiveness and speed. Our Startup Program strives to make your team productive and expedites your product’s time to market.

  • Effectively understand and support your requirements of the NPI process;

  • Use our team’s 12 years of NPI experience to propose manufacturing quality process improvement and cost reduction methods;

  • Ensure that your production prototype is fully designed, so it’s made appropriate the first time. We always delivery only high quality PCBA prototype timely so that you never waste time during the most critical phase of NPI any more;

  • Let your R&D team focus on design innovation by stopping your valuable R&D resources wasted during the related manufacturing works, such as PCBA prototyping debugging, material outsourcing and chasing on-time delivery;

  • Offer you with further cost-reduction chances for volume production in global EMS network.


Your request will be served by our Customer Focus Team (CFT). Check more details at Customer Focus.

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