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With top advanced capabilities of competitive PCB market, we got high reputations of offering HDI PCB (printed circuit boards). HDI PCBs are the circuit boards with higher wire density than standard criterias. HDI PCBs appear thinner lines and spaces, smaller vias and higher connection pad density, which are commonly used for high spacing and precision required devices and system cards.

hdi pcb 

Under the premise of electronic products getting multifunctional and complex, circuit component connection distance is getting smaller and singal transit speed higher. Subsequently, number of connection wires becomes more and line length between pads shortens, which require to use high density wire configuration and tiny via to comply with design goals. In terms of electrical requirements for high speed signal, the circuit board must be provided with the AC characteristics of impedance control, high frequency transmission capacity and low unnecessary radiation (EMI). Using stripline, microstrip structures, design of multilayers becomes necessary. To reduce the quality problem of signals transmission, it’s required to use low dielectric coefficient and decay rate of insulating material to facilitate the miniaturization and arrays of electronic components packaging. Also, printed circuit boards increase density to meet this demand. BGA (Ball Grid Array), CSP (Chip Scale Package) and DCA (Direct Chip Attachment) parts push printed circuit boards to the unprecedented high density level. That’s why HDI PCBs become more popular. Currently smartphone, wearing devices, compact controllers are widely using HDI PCBs.

hdi pcb manufacturing

Electronic design continuously improve performance in attempts to reduce its size. In terms of small portable products from mobile phones to smart weapons, “small” is the permanent pursuit. High density integration (HDI) can make the end product design more compact and meet higher standards of performance and efficiency. HDI is widely used in mobile phones, digital (photo) cameras, MP3, MP4, laptop computers, automotive electronics and other digital products. Among them, mobile phone takes biggest portion. HDI PCB boards laminate in build-up manufacturing. High HDI PCB boards are mainly used for 3G/4G mobile phones, advanced digital cameras and IC loading board.


The HDI PCBs we provide include the following dramatic features:

  • Blind and/or buried vias

  • Min. Line Width/Space: 0.05/0.05mm

  • Via-in-pad

  • Through vias from surface to surface

  • 20 µm circuit geometries

  • 30 µm dielectric layers

  • 50 µm laser vias

  • 125 µm bump pitch processing

  • Surface Finish: ENIG/OSP/HASL/Au Plating (soft/hard)/ Immersion Ag/ Immersion Tin/ Bright Tin Plating/Ag Plating/Carbon Ink


Benefits of HDI PCB (Printed Circuit Boards) manufacturing with NOD:

  • Shorter PCB manufacturing time-to-market and enhanced machine performance for Flip Chip, BGA, MCM, SIP technologies.

  • Ultra thin cores, fine line geometries and alternative via methods for improved thermal transfer for thermal PCBs.

  • In compliance with 20um circuit geometries, 30um dielectric layers, 50um laser vias and 125um bump pitch processing.

  • Allows reducing the lead times by combining the manufacturing capabilities with a profound understanding of high speed digital and high frequency RF package requirements.

  • Increases the area for PCB designer to place electronical components and also enhances faster signal transmission and reduced signal loss.

  • Our high HDI PCB boards have the technology-driving capabilities to bring applications in a large number of industries including but not limited to semiconductor test equipment, military weapons, medical, and aerospace.


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 As herein, we place some cases of HDI PCBs for your reference. Due to Non-disclouser Aggrement with customers, we can not show full images of these HDI PCBs. For more details, you can contact us immediately. You can check more about our PCB manufacturing.


HDI PCBs Sample

hdi pcb sample

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