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Impedance is defined as a good laminated structure that can control characteristics of printed circuit board impedance and its circuits are formed easily to controlled and predictable transmission structures. According to the theory of signal transmission, the signal is a function of time and distance variables, so the signal on every part of circuit is likely to change. The ratio of voltage change and current change is characteristic impedance of transmission circuit. impedance is an important factor for PCB design, particularly for high frequency circuits. The impacts of circuit impedance include width and thickness of copper, dielectric constant, medium thickness, pad thickness etc.

impedance pcb

NOD Electronics is specializing in advanced printed circuit board PCB manufacturer. We provide impedance PCB impedance tolerance in the +/-5%. We produce PCB with PCB impedance control for electronic equipment with high frequency and speed transmission, such as computers and communication devices. We can set impedance tolerance +/-5% according to customer requirements. More details at PCB manufacturing.

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