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NOD Electronics fully takes consideration of PCB manufacturing market and customer needs by offering various options of low cost PCB manufacturing. When it comes to market in price competition, we have to make the economic PCB manufacturing plans for our customers, such as laminate grade from A down to B, reconsideration of copper thickness, redesign of PCB size and circuit spacing etc. In this case, we would talk with our customers about their target market, consumer activities, product technical requirements, after-sale services. All aspects will be collected to determine our low cost PCB manufacturing solution with cost performance. We don’t sacrifice quality to win price. Quality is our bottom line. All 100% PCBs will be passed for quality inspections such as AOI, flying probes, test frames etc.

low cost pcb 

With full qualified PCB manufacturing capabilities and extensive networks of upstream and downstream supply chains, we can provide our customers with the best PCB prices in the industry. Almost 75%+ PCBs are made in China. We are on the top list of Chinese competitors, due to through-process manufacturing capabilities. We have no any outsourcing process of PCB manufacturing, not like the majority suppliers. So we have advantages of manufacturing cost. Your price requirements will be handled by our team who evaluate the designed gerber files and your product & market. We do not want to make the cheapest PCB fabrication; inexpensive high quality ones are! We have confidence in that we are the cheapest on same basis of PCB manufacturing.

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