Electronic assembly stands for the process of soldering components onto printed circuit board by SMT and THT technology, programming to do complete function test so as to get functional PCBA board, making box building of PCBA boards with metal casing, plastic parts and then forming a product for sale. As a professional electronics assembly services provider, NOD Electronics fully offers component procurement and inspection, assembly, test and box building with sophisticated manufacturing solution and engineering process. At same time, some custom requirements could be well supported here with high flexibility.

Electronics Assembly

Electronics Assembly Capabilities

  • PCB Manufacturing (up to 12 layers, HDI, buried and blind vias available, down to 3.5mil spacing and line width)

  • Component procurement (originally sourcing from manufacturer or general agent)

  • SMT Assembly (4 SMT lines, down to 0201 chip, 0.25mm BGA, package of PQFP, PLCC, SOP, SOJ available)

  • THT Assembly (2 lines, 95% skillful workers)

  • In Circuit Test (custom fixture, supporting complex test plan and massive test points)

  • Programming and Function Test (professional environment, temperature/humidity, drop test)

  • Burn In test

  • Box Building (2 lines)

  • Quality Assurance (incoming material quality control, in-process control, outgoing control and in compliance with ISO9001:2008 and IPC-A-610E)

  • Quick Turn of Prototype and Mass Production

Electronics Assembly Advantages of NOD Electronics

We've got 7 years experiences of electronics assembly and are serving a range of customers from USA, UK, Netherland etc. Our one-stop manufacturing services from procurement, assembly, test and after-sale will make you comfortable. Our capabilities of sourcing best cost-effective components will make your cost reduction into a reality. The pass rate of PCB assembly is over 99.8%, which will meet your requirements. What's more, we can offer customs clearance and international logistics. In this case, you will enjoy first-class services and wait for products after placing order to us.

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