Quick Turn PCB Manufacturing and Assembly

The PCB quick turn prototype customers with 1-5000 pcs initial order always pursue efficiency and reliable quality. It’s the direction where we are heading for high cost effectiveness. We provide different and fast production scheme according to the difficulty of technical process. The complete process without sourcing ensures 100% quality process control and 98.6% pass rate.

PCB quick turn prototype of strict requirement

Supreme A+ PCB raw material is used for PCB quick turn prototype of strict requirement. The process is as strict as the mass production. The engineer is appointed by sales person to follow up the whole process. To ensure fast delivery, order papers and PCB would be delivered by hand. We could fast response to customer when problem happens during production, and fix problem on the scene in the first time.


PCB quick turn prototype of medium or low requirement

The economical and efficient schemes are made from the point of customers’ view, aiming at high cost-effectiveness and fast delivery.


NOD Electronics is a PCB prototype provider with many years experience. It provides services to customers from many countries, USA, Japan, Russia, UK, UAE, Turkey, etc. It helps customers in different business activities, such as multi type and program R&D, launches, etc with best cost-saving, reliable quality and fast delivery. You will find our strong points here:

  • 1. PCB raw material selection: level A+ military material (most manufacturers use level B or even lower, huge price difference)

  • 2. 100% AUTO OPTICAL INSPECTION (AOI), Flying Probe testing and InPut Process Quality Control IPQC, quality is reliable.

  • 3. Super fast PCB quick turn prototype-20 hours is supported, main courier services (SF, DHL, TNT, UPS, etc.) are used for delivery.

  • 4. Flexible payment term (Alipay, personal transfer, internal T/T, both CNY and USD acceptable.)

  • 5. Pass rate 98.6% and above. Ten-time price compensation for one fake product.


ERP management system and quality control system for complete process without sourcing are used. The PCB quick turn prototype is not aiming at profit, but gaining customer’s trust by warm service and establishing long-term cooperation. Our catchphrase: Choose the favorable price and better with the warm service. Check more details about our PCB manufacturing.

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