PCBA Services

NOD Electronics strives to be your PCBA manufacturer, including PCB design, fabrication and PCB assembly (PCBA). Our responsive team will offer you PCB assembly services with a range of process control, refined and strict PCB assembly workflow and quality commitment. Generally, customer with small-medium batch order and high quality requirements would like to choose us as reliable option, because we treasure long term interest and win by our outstanding services.
PCBA manufacturer

PCB Manufacturer

Managing the cross-functional process of PCB manufacturing and design with regulatory reliability, quality management and delivery services. We can operate 1-40 layers of board by our advanced equipment and experienced engineers. Monthly 35,000 square meters PCB design and manufacturing capability ensures to be your reliable PCB manufacturer.



Daily 4 million spot capability enables PCB assembly (PCBA) order in quick turnover. With all engineers knowhow, pratical experience and an outside perspective, allow us to control manufacturing process and quality assurance and help you solve PCBA problem fast, cost effectively and without hassle.

pcba for new product introduction


10+ years experience brought us a range of abilities to manage throughout process of electronics PCB manufacturer, PCB assembly (PCBA), technical analysis, prototype, volumn production and logistics. Unique sense of offering outstanding services is our label in winning international marketplace.

pcba test

Repair and Test

We can perform the repair and planned test for your PCB assembly (PCBA), such as BGA rework/reballing, test frame burning program and test frame etc. Your various volume production could be processed by our dedicated engineers.

How We Ensure Good Quality of PCBA ?

Rather than a refined PCBA workflow to perform your PCBA order and compliance with international standards, we are an unique team! We fully take your time-to-market and quality requirements, only for creating best values to you and your end users. Great PCB manufacturing and assembly capabilities worthy your trust.


An investment over 10 million US dollars on manufacturing equipments of PCB and PCB assembly (PCBA) enables a variety of flexible and reliable capabilities to meet your batch order. Drilling machine, high-speed flying probe, Fuji SMT mounter stand for high precision and efficiency.

Branding Incoming Materials

A job of controling suppliers, verifying all incoming materials and handling quality problems before subsequent manufacturing begins. We purchase branding materials and never sacrifice materials quality to earn margin profits.

Refined Process Control

We effectively perform the process control including incoming quality control (IQC), in-process quality control (IPQC), outgoing quality assurance (OQA) etc stages and management methods of ISO, 6 sigma and PDCA.

A Passionate Team

Only a PCBA team can make things all beyond your expectations, that's why we say "more than machine". NOD Electronics team is full of dreams, passion, inspiration, pioneering spirit and sense of top customer.

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About Us

A service-leading PCB manufacturer and PCB assembly (PCBA) partner with 12 years experience, NOD Electronics has monthly capabilities of 15,000 square meters PCB design & fabrication and 80 million spot SMT and certificates ISO9001-2008, TS16949, UL, CE, RoHS. Although we are not the biggest, but we expect to be your PCB manufacturer and PCBA partner most appropriate.