• Special Considerations in Cpk for Design of Electronic Products

    In many cases, it is not possible to obtain Cpk analysis of the electron- ic1 design because of the functionality of the circuit or module, or the need to have complete certainty in the output of the design....

    2017-09-25 19:58:58 viya 127

  • Six Sigma For Electronic Circuits With Multiple Specifications

    The design quality calculation for a single electrical circuit can be expanded to include several design targets for the circuit....

    2017-09-25 19:58:00 viya 128

  • Thermal Design Six Sigma Assessment Example

    Many electronic products require thermal cooling systems to remove heat generated in the electronic boxes and to maintain proper operating temperatures in the transistor junctions within the PCBs....

    2017-09-25 19:56:06 viya 114

  • Mechanical Design Case Study

    In mechanical design, statistical design analysis can be substituted for worst-case tolerance analysis. A case study in mechanical design tolerance analysis is that of a typical vibrating probe that is used for angioplasty medical operations....

    2017-09-25 19:55:06 viya 138

  • Tolerance Analysis and Manufacturing Processes

    A product is made of many parts that have been made from different materials. Many electronic products use parts made from plastics, sheet metal, machined parts, rubber, castings, etc....

    2017-09-25 19:53:55 viya 105

  • Tolerance Analysis and CAD

    There is increasing use of computer aided design (CAD) systems for i mechanical design. They make it convenient to present drawings in 3D to the designer, and hence offer a better view of parts mating...

    2017-09-23 14:08:18 viya 85

  • Statistical Tolerance Analysis for Mechanical Design

    Statistical analysis involves the application of statistical probability distributions to analyzing tolerances for assemblies. It will prevent overly conservative designs, which can increase the cost...

    2017-09-23 14:06:51 viya 104

  • Types of Tolerance Analysis

    It is important to note that the parts used in a product are divided into standard or off-the-shelf parts and nonstandard or designed parts. Examples of standard parts are bearings, shafts, pulleys, b...

    2017-09-23 14:00:20 viya 144

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