• There are Several Types of PCB Gerber Files?

    PCB Gerber files: divided into 3 types.1, provided to the PCB manufacturer's production documents: including the top, middle layer (according to the PCB layer), the bottom, the top silk screen, th...

    2018-01-04 16:41:47 viya 135

  • Commom Quality Issues of SMT Processing and Solutions

    Quality IssuesSolutions Gluing ProcessGluing wire/spillover Revise the gluing process parameters; Control the amount of gluing; Adjust the process parameters of SMT patch;Plugging of glue mouthEmpty g...

    2017-12-29 18:38:34 viya 125

  • Complex gates with CMOS

    As we have seen in earlier chapters we can implement many complex combinational functions by connecting together the basic gates NAND and NOR- However, the result is not an efficient use of transistors....

    2017-12-05 19:25:57 viya 105

  • CMOS Logic Gates

    We have seen how to implement the logic gates NAND and NOR using NMOS technology. In CMOS the process is just the same except that the complementary PMOS transistors are added....

    2017-12-05 19:24:09 viya 98

  • CMOS Inverter Delay

    The delay for a CMOS inverter depends upon the rate of charge or discharge of all capacitors at the output. This load capacitance is due to two components called the inherent capacitance and the external load capacitance....

    2017-12-05 19:18:53 viya 108

  • CMOS Inverter Power Dissipation

    You should notice that when the input is steady at either a high or a low voltage (static condition) then one transistor is always off between Vdd and Vss. Hence the current flowing is extremely small - equal to the leakage current of the off transistor which is typically 100 nA....

    2017-12-02 16:14:38 viya 113

  • What is CMOS Inverter?

    A CMOS inverter is shown in Fig. 9.11. It consists of one NMOS and one PMOS transistor. The PMOS device is indicated by the negation sign (i.e. a bubble) on its gate and has a negative threshold voltage of typically -1V....

    2017-12-02 16:12:55 viya 113

  • The MOSFET as a Switch

    The Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (or MOSFET) has proved over the past 15 years to be a very attractive alternative to the BJT. In recent years the MOSFET has become the preferred technology mainly because manufacturing improvements have advanced further with FET processes compared to bipolar processes....

    2017-12-02 16:08:44 viya 123

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