• Importance of Circuit Board Conformal Coating after Assembly

    Usually without applying conformal coating, there will be chemical reaction among copper, vapor and oxygen. So copper part of printed circuit board will become green. On the printed circuit board random pollutant have the same destructive, they will cause electronic deterioration, corrosion and even lead to irreversible short circuit....

    2017-07-26 19:14:17 viya 122

  • 5 Tips to Design Heavy Copper PCB

    Nowadays, heavy copper PCB (copper thickness >4oz) has become popular in PCB industry because it is suitable for high-voltage and high-power application, as most PCBs are manufactured just for low-voltage or low-power application with traces generally contain from 0.5oz to 3oz copper weight....

    2017-07-13 10:02:23 viya 143

  • 5 Steps to Control IQC Quality

    IQC is the incoming quality control,and checking the raw materials provided by supplier,to ensure that only qualified raw materials to enter the next production process.The following sections describe the process of IQC and the specific steps of the operation....

    2017-06-27 17:54:00 viya 178

  • The Scope Application of PCB Assembly Glue and Its Using Standards

    At present, there are more than 99% electronics processing manufacturers to use PCB assembly glue as the yellow glue with lower cost, and the main use of plug-in cement resistance, choke, diameter ≥ 1...

    2017-06-24 17:24:58 viya 151

  • What is PCBA X-ray Detection and Functions

    The PCBA x-ray check is based on the same principle as the Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI). It uses X-rays as its source, not the visible light, to automatically detect faults that are usually hidden on the PCBA (BGA, QFN, QFP, etc.) components such as tin, open circuit, and so on....

    2017-06-24 17:18:43 viya 142

  • The Challenges Faced by PCBA Chemicals Currently

    PCB board plays a role to support component and chip, interconnection and conduction between the layers, prevent welding bridge and maintenance and identification. Its design and manufacturing quality...

    2017-06-21 17:55:55 viya 141

  • Method and Procedure for PCBA Failure Analysis

    To get PCBA failure analysis reasons:To accept the failure information feedback and analysis request from site and customersTo remark what customers complainModel, Batch Number, Failure Rate and the p...

    2017-06-17 14:49:13 viya 135

  • PCB Etching: Outer Layer and Inner Layer Etching

    The typical process of PCB processing is using "Pattern plating Method". First of all, to retain the needed copper part of the outer layers, that is, to pre-plate a layer of tin plating on the part of circuit, then etching the rest of the copper foil in a chemical way is called etching....

    2017-06-15 19:00:35 viya 161

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