In order to help you manage product development & marketing, NOD Electronics' New Product Introduction (NPI) services can meet your goal. In this solution, your amazing idea and concept can be quickly transferred to product prototype. Our project manager will work with you to explore marketing positioning, product functions description, ID design, technical possibilities, product outside & inside structure, molding, hardware & software development, cost analysis, manufacturing documents and packing. Our experts and manufacturing lines can obviously shorten new product introduction lead time.

NOD Electronics has obtained a range of experience to do process control. Many potential and crucial factors can be foreseen by our engineering team at the very beginning of draft. In this way, your new product could be submitted to the market as you imagined. Since we receive your product drafted solution, all subsequent process will be controlled by our strict PDCA management workflow. Our dedicated engineers will communicate timely with you and resolve any problem. Moreover, our global manufacturing capabilities can reduce your cost beyond expectations and without any hassle.



  • Completely joining in product design and manufacturing process

  • 10+~33 years experienced team to manage project and design

  • Robust upstream and downstream resources to realize NPI quickly

  • Design and manufacturing at house

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