As a professional aluminum PCB manufacturer, NOD Electronics strives to be your reliable partner of offering through-process PCB manufacturing services. 10+ years experience, restrict manufacturing management and operation guides make us always stay on top list of global PCB manufacturers for medium-small business. More importantly, we follow a way of sincere communication and problem resolution. That's why a variety of international customers do not feel nervous even they meet some problem during the cooperation.

We do aluminum PCB in compliance with ISO9001:2008, IATF16949, UL, CE and RoHS. All products can be exported to the worldwide. During past years, we invested over $50 million on PCB manufacturing machines. High precision machines will enhance the PCB manufacturing quality up to a brand new level. At same time, we maintain the machines weekly. We pay great attention to operation guides and working skills training. All of these will ensure our great quality. Due to 30+ years experience, we accumulated a lot of case to deal with different complicated manufacturing requirements, including HDI, blind via, high impedance etc.

Aluminum PCB is commonly used for LED lighting products. It has two sides. White side connects LED pins and the other side appears aluminum color. Aluminum PCB has good heat dissipation, compliance with RoHS, easy for SMT, long life-time and stability. As a reliable PCB manufacturer, we expect to work with you by offering outstanding manufacturing services of aluminum circuit board fabrication.

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