NOD Electronics built a Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure excellent delivery of printed circuit boards and assembled products. Our QMS structure looks like this:



  • DFM Check

    DFM checks of customer’s PCB, BOM, schematics, box build manuals according to:
    Last update time and version of production docs
    RoHS, Lead free
    Clear designators of components with direction
    Complete component descriptions of part number, manufacturer, designator in BOM
    Exact engineering requests of PCB fabrication including laminate, layers, copper weight, thickness, surface finish, impedance control, special via
    Reasonable circuit layouts, panel, solder mask and drilling hole diameters
    Right pick & place file
    Procedure of programming and test
    Specific box build manuals
    Other special technical requirements

  • New Product Introduction

    Engage a new product introduction meeting to make following things clear:
    Customer project background, product application, lead time and special requirements
    Internal # of customer
    Production #, batch & volume
    Evaluation of manufacturing capabilities
    Lead time of components procurement & backups
    Engineering processes
    Test plan

  • PCB Manufacturing

    We make PCBs in compliance with:
    High grade laminate according to IPC standards
    Select quality and experienced PCB manufacturer and periodically inspect their factories
    High-end manufacturing capabilities, including multilayers, HDI, impedance control, blind & buried via
    100% electrical test before delivery
    Advanced facilities
    Carefully check PCB stacks and confirm EQs with customer

  • Components Procurement

    100% original from manufacturers listed in BOM
    Manufacturer certificates available
    Lead time controlled
    Resources to keep stock in the market
    Cost savings of component procurement
    Only sourcing from assigned general agency, such as Avnet, mouser, arrow, element14
    Ability of providing cost down solutions in long term

  • Incoming Material Quality Control

    Incoming material control by inspection of following items:
    PCB Fabrication
    Thickness: caliper measurement
    Hole: if non-through, covering solder mask
    Pads: if flat, clean and uniform
    Silk screen: if clear
    If PCB warped, scraped, broken circuits
    Electrical inspection: test on voltage/current between points on basis of customer plan
    Temperature test: check bare PCB after reflow soldering
    Solder paste immersion: effect test of solder paste after reflow soldering
    Check footprints, shape (scraped, deformed, short pin)
    Value tests

  • Storage & Printing

    Storage of sensible components under constant temperature and humidity and record in forms. If exposure time is over the defined value of MSL, they will be sent for baking.
    Baking of PCB/IC/BGA for 2-12 hours to remove moisture
    Select big manufacturer of solder paste, such as Senju
    Issue laser stencil for solder paste printing
    Equipped automatic solder paste printer and SPI to ensure uniformity

  • Soldering

    Samsung SM471/481/482, Fuji CP8/CP6 series
    Electrical feeder to reduce dissipation and possibility of warnings
    01005” chips available (smallest 0.4mm x 0.2mm)
    Package QFN, SOP, SOT, TSOP, QFP, BGA, PLCC available
    Maximum 75,000 chips/hour for Samsung SM471
    Temperature curve configurations, 4-hours interval of temperature inspection
    Find board defectives by automatic optical inspection
    Check soldering effects of balls by x-Ray station
    Manage BGA rework and reballing at house
    SOP guides for each work station
    Issue fixture to ensure conformity and reliability of wave soldering
    Import wave soldering machine from big brand manufacturer
    Install 2 through hole soldering production lines to comply with customer’s mass production
    Use our own engraving machine to issue test fixture and capable of programming and function test


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