With over ten years' experience of Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPC) assembly, we has provided services in FPC fabrication and SMT mounting for domestic and oversea customers, mostly consumer electronic products, such as cell phone, tablet, LCD TV, digital camera, and high requirement application in aircraft and military. Some products are shown below: touch-screen TP, single-sided board, double-sided board and multi-layer board, etc. We are in the leading position in terms of the accuracy of equipments, the investment volume and automation. The quality management system, inspection devices and labs are all available. Along with eco-value chain with customers, the value-added services are extended among upstream and downstream business, the one-stop solution is truly realized. Besides, all the products are complying with international environmental standard (RoHS). You will enjoy our flexible PCB manufacturing services without any hassle.


  • Material: polyimide

  • Layer: 1-8

  • Min line spacing: single-sided board 0.050mm (2mil); double-sided board 0.050mm(2mil)

  • Min aperture: drilling 0.15mm; punching 0.50mm

  • Dimensional tolerance: conductor width ±20% W≤0.5mm

  • ±0.05mm H≤1.5mm

  • ±0.05mm P≤25mm

  • ±0.1mm L≤50mm

  • ±0.05mm C≤5.0mm

  • Surface finishing

  • Chemical gold plating: Au(0.03-0.15 um); Ni(1-6 um)

  • Electrical gold plating: Au(>0.10 um); Ni(1-6 um)

  • Spraying Pure tin: Sn(7-20 um)

  • Electrical tin plating: Sn(7-20 um)

  • Soldering resistance: 260℃/10Sccs

  • Peeling strength: 1.0Kg+1cn IPCTM6502.4.9


  • Comply with policies: complying with laws, regulations and requirements.

  • Green Production: selecting those environmental friendly products during production or processing and influencing our suppliers’ environmental behaviors.

  • Regular monitoring: Monitoring the environmental factors such as three industrial wastes regularly, coordinating correction and prevention.

  • Improving conscious: Improving the whole crews’ environmental conscious and techniques, making good use of resources, reducing wasting, improving the environmental management system and environmental behavior, making joint efforts for a green factory.

  • Joint implementation: the policy implemented to the whole crew and taken into action,

  • Advocating to customers and related person related, strengthening public environmental conscious.

  • Regular Review: top management reviewing the environmental management system at least once per year.


  • Lead time achieved: 100%

  • DPMM≤100ppm

  • Customer satisfaction: 100%

  • Single-sided board pass rate ≥94%

  • Double-sided board pass rate ≥96%

  • Multi-layer board pass rate ≥92%

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