What are the Circuit Board Etching Solutions?

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Ferric Chloride, Cupric Chloride,Alkaline Ammonia, Sulfuric Acid & Hydrogen Peroxide,Sulfuric Acid Ferric Chromic , Ammonium Persulfate are used as Etchant at present.

Eteching Liquid primarily includes Cupric Chloride, Fecl_3 Solution and Sulfuric Acid / Hydrogen Peroxide Etching liquid.

Circuit Board Etching Solutions

Copper Chloride is concentrated by (CuCl2・2H2O) and HCl and H2O; Fecl_3 Solution is made by Fecl 3 and HCl and H2O; The main parts of Alkaline Waste Eteching Liquid is Ammonia Complex Ion ;Sulfuric Acid and Hydrogen Peroxide are the mainly parts of Sulfuric Acid /Hydrogen Peroxide Etching Liquid.

With the use of Cupric Chloride and Ferric Chloride Etching Liquid to the market, Cucl2 is used by above 95% PCB manufacturers, and here are about 80% IC carrier manufacturers to us FeCl3 and 20% with Cucl2.

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