The Scope Application of PCB Assembly Glue and Its Using Standards

2017-06-24 17:24:58 viya 172

At present, there are more than 99% electronics processing manufacturers to use PCB assembly glue as the yellow glue with lower cost, and the main use of plug-in cement resistance, choke, diameter ≥ 10mm ceramic capacitors, vertical resistance, diameter ≥ 10mm of varistor CBB capacitor, and diameter ≥ 6mm, height diameter ≥ 12mm plug-in capacitor.

 PCB Assembly Glue

The Using Standard of PCB Assembly Glue

Single piece of plastic components, the amount of glue don't use too much

Choosing the right glue device, no leakage or more phenomenon

The glue between adjacent glue, to choose the appropriate plastic place

The glue is not covered in the patch components, there is no blocking components through the hole

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