8 Double-Checks before PCB Prototypes

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Regarding PCB prototypes, there are two groups involved. One is engineers and the other is PCB prototype manufacturer. Engineers have to think about: 1)carefully selecting prototype quantities in order to save cost. 2)specifically confirming component package methods in avoidance of failed prototype caused by wrong package. 3)thoroughly checking electricity conduction to improve. 4)configuring complete signals to reduce noise in purpose of stabilities. PCB prototype manufacturers have to concern about: 1)seriously checking PCB files exactly correct. 2)completely verifying manufacturing process in compliance with manufacturer work flows. 3)controlling manufacturing quantities to save cost and ensure quality. 4)communicating with customer to prevent any risk during the manufacturing courses in advance.


Methods and Steps

1. Material: first up, clearly state what material will be used for PCB manufacturing. The common type is FR4.



2. Layer: display PCB layers



3. Solder mask color: select according to requirements, generally green.



4. Silk color: comments on font size and color on PCB sides, generally white.



5. Copper thickness: usually calculate according to PCB designed current. Thicker, better, but it will cost more. So a balance should be thought.



6. Via overlays solder mask: make vias to insulation.



7. Surface finish: such as HASL, immersion gold



8. Quantities: clear remarks of PCB quantities to produce.


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