How to improve the soldering problem of PCBA plug-in after wave soldering?

2018-12-13 17:04:27 Ramon 259


1. Design according to PCB design specifications. The long axes of the two end Chips are perpendicular to the welding direction, and the long axes of the SOT and SOP should be parallel to the welding direction. Widen the pad of the last pin of the SOP (design a scratch pad)

2. The pins of the plug-in components should be formed according to the pitch of the printed board and the assembly requirements. For example, the short-insertion single-welding process is adopted, and the soldering component leads are exposed to the surface of the printed board by 0.8~3mm, and the component body is required for the insertion. correct.

3. Set the preheating temperature according to the PCB size, whether the multilayer board, the number of components, and the presence or absence of the mounted components.

4. The temperature of tin wave is 250±5°C, and the welding time is 3~5s. When the temperature is slightly lower, the conveyor speed should be slower.

5. Replace the flux.

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