• Key points of PCBA process control and quality control

    PCBA manufacturing process involves a lot of links, we must control the quality of each link to produce good products. The general PCBA is a series of processes such as PCB manufacturing, component procurement and inspection, SMT patch processing, plug-in processing, program burning, testing, aging and so on. Every link needs to be paid attention to....

    2018-06-29 14:25:09 viya 224

  • What is a PCBA splitter?

    PCBA splitter is a kind of equipment for cutting PCBA panels. It is an electronic device necessary for electronic manufacturers. Because PCBA splitter is used to cut the PCBA panels through the movement of the blades. So it can control the stress generated when dividing the board more effectively and prevent the components from being damaged, shifted, dropped, etc. And it has greater quality assurance than the manual work and the cutting pliers....

    2018-06-16 16:17:17 viya 163

  • What is the mechanical stress in PCBA assembly?

    Mechanical stress is the internal force that interacts with each part of an object when it is deformed due to an external cause (force, load, temperature, etc.) to resist the effect of this external cause, and tries to make the object from the deformed position. Revert to the position before the deformation....

    2018-06-09 16:30:00 viya 208

  • How do hardware engineers choose the right PCBA factory?

    There are often hardware engineers who do not know how to choose a suitable factory, and some people will check all kinds of certification in the factory. If the certificate is complete, it is a trustworthy factory. The certificate is a part of the factory's strength, but it can't be the only criterion. It also needs to be integrated with other aspects. It is better to judge the factory on the spot, and then judge from a series of aspects, such as the scale of the factory, the environment of the workshop, the production equipment, the spirit of the staff, the scale of the warehouse and so on....

    2018-05-29 18:22:40 viya 203

  • How long is the storage time for soldered PCB?

    The soldered PCB has different storage duration (usually 2-10 years), according to the selection of material, processing technique and the environment....

    2018-05-24 19:31:06 viya 213

  • What is the reason for PCBA baking explosion?

    First of all, we need to understand why PCBA needs to be baked. PCBA baking is to remove excess moisture and improve the reliability of the plate. Generally, the tidal sensitivity level of the PCB board is defaulted to three-level tactile sensitive components....

    2018-05-14 09:34:34 viya 203

  • The Main Process of PCBA Test

    PCBA test is according to customized test method and process. Generally PCBA test process as below: Program Loading-- ICT -- FCT -- Burn in test...

    2018-04-28 20:57:36 viya 219

  • What's the cost of PCB Assembly?

    Generally the total cost of PCB Assembly includes PCB cost , components cost, dissipation & backup, assembly cost, test cost, engineering cost (PCB fabrication & SMT assembly) and shipping cost....

    2018-04-16 15:23:07 viya 226

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