• The BJT as a Logic Gate

    Diode transistor logicThe DTL or diode transistor logic first became available commercially in 1962. The circuit diagram for a two-input DTL NAND gate is shown in Fig. 9.2(a) and although it is no lon...

    2017-11-30 18:48:11 viya 120

  • The Bipolar Junction Transistor

    The bipolar junction transistor or BJT as it is more commonly known can be considered in digital terms as a simple single-pole switch. It physically consists of three layers of semiconductor (which can be either N-type or P-type) of which two transistor types exist - NPN or PNP....

    2017-11-30 18:46:08 viya 102

  • Choosing a Means of Implementation

    So far we have seen how to design both combinational and sequential circuits. These will, on paper, successfully perform many different functions but may well fail if the practicality of the hardware implementation issues are ignored....

    2017-11-30 18:45:18 viya 88

  • What is Moore Model Circuit?

    Now we shall design a D-type based circuit that will count up or down, under the control of a single external input, through the first five prime numbers (in binary). We must ensure that the circuit will return to state (binary count o〇 1 if an unused state is entered....

    2017-11-25 16:44:31 viya 108

  • WHAT is Classification?

    The general form of a synchronous sequential circuit is shown in Fig. 8.1. To recap, this has: external inputs, A, and outputs, Z; a combinational block can be considered in two parts; and 'memory’ in the form of flip-flops....

    2017-11-25 16:38:06 viya 112

  • The Introduction of Synchronous sequential circuits

    Synchronous sequential circuits were introduced in Section 5.1 where firstly sequential circuits as a whole (being circuits with ‘memory’) and then the differences between asynchronous and synchronous sequential circuits were discussed....

    2017-11-25 16:35:11 viya 117

  • Implementation of The Steering Logic

    Since for this type of counter in general we need the input to the nth T-type used to construct the circuit to be TN=Q0 *Q2*…QN-1, = TN-1* QN-1 it is clear there are two ways in which the steering logic can be generated....

    2017-11-22 18:28:38 viya 109

  • Mod-277 Synchronous Counters

    Synchronous binary counters are arguably the simplest sequential synchronous circuits. They use the flip-flops to store the circuit's count state and (usually) have no external inputs. Thus the next state (count) is determined solely by the last state (count). We again initially take an intuitive look at mod-N counters....

    2017-11-22 18:27:22 viya 115

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