• What is Switch Debouncing?

    All mechanical switches will ‘bounce’ when closed which means the contacts do not make immediate firm contact. The consequence of this is that the actual voltage from the switch oscillates when contact is made....

    2017-11-16 17:37:29 viya 207

  • Introduction to Asynchronous Sequential Circuits

    The ‘memory’ of previous outputs in an asynchronous sequential circuit is provided by direct feedback from the internal output(s), Y, to the internal input(s), of the combinational logic block (see Fi...

    2017-11-14 14:29:26 viya 106

  • Asynchronous and Synchronous Circuits

    In this introductory text we will define two broad classes of sequential circuits, namely; asynchronous and synchronous.• The timing of the operation of asynchronous circuits, as the name implies, is ...

    2017-11-14 14:27:28 viya 114

  • Sequential Logic Circuits: An Overview

    All of the circuits so far considered in this book have been combinational. This means that their outputs are dependent only upon the inputs at that time. We now turn our attention to sequential logic circuits whose outputs are also dependent upon past inputs, and hence outputs....

    2017-11-14 14:21:35 viya 104

  • What is Heuristic Implementation?

    Heuristic implementations can broadly be considered as those that are not produced by rigorous application of Boolean logic theory. (Remember that any truth table can» in theory, be implemented in fun...

    2017-11-10 18:23:29 viya 99

  • Specification for the Four-Bit Binary Adder

    A four-bit binary adder is required to add together two four-bit binary numbers plus one carry-in bit, and produce a four-bit sum plus a carry-out bit. This is shown diagramatically in Fig. 4.14. ...

    2017-11-10 18:15:06 viya 101

  • Combinational Logic Design Example: A Four-Bit Adder

    In this section we consider the design of a four-bit adder; i,e. a circuit that adds together two four-bit binary numbers. This needs to be a combinational logic circuit and therefore serves as a useful exercise to apply what we have learnt....

    2017-11-10 18:14:36 viya 96

  • The Multiplexer as A Universal Logic Solution

    Because all 2m possible combinations of the m control lines of a multiplexer are fed to 2m AND gates then there is an AND gate for all of the fundamental product terms of the m variables....

    2017-11-07 16:31:30 viya 152

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