Cause and solution of diode falling off of red rubber plate during PCBA production process

2018-09-15 21:21:06 Ramon 221


When a diode falls out of material, we need to analyze the possible causes, and then again and again to investigate and solve, the general occurrence of the accident, we can from the glue quality, the pressure and height of the piece, the thickness of the steel mesh opening, the temperature setting of the wave soldering, the speed of the furnace and the quality of the material. Reasons and Solutions

1.First of all, we can add a large amount of red glue, judge whether the glue is too little. If not the reason for glue, we can replace the red glue, if the situation improved after the change of red glue. that is to say, the quality of red glue has a problem. Replacing the glue is the solution.

2.When the red glue has no problem, there is still a case of material loss, maybe because the pressure is too small, the height is not enough, properly adjust the pressure and height of the parts.

3.The thickness of steel mesh openings will also affect the mounting. It can change the thickness of steel mesh openings and the way of opening to improve this problem.

4.The adhesion of material and glue is not enough. Because the impact of the first wave peak on the material is very strong, it may cause material displacement, so it can be greatly improved by reducing the height of the first wave peak or the chain speed.

5.The material surface cleanliness is not enough, affecting the attachment, the replacement of new materials can be greatly improved.

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